Speaker resources

This page provides resources and details for speakers and coordinators of sessions at the conference.


An individual who is responsible for the end-to-end success of a session, class, or workshop.  This includes organizing the outcomes, speakers, flow and format of the session, collecting materials from the speakers, and organizing one pre-conference call with the speakers. Coordinators also prepare a post-session summary for the web site and in some cases for presentation at the conference. Administrative support is provided for coordinators, this shows up as a secondary name, in most places from the World Bank.


The moderator sits on the session at the conference and manages the flow of conversation amongst panelists and with the audience. They may prepare questions in advance and understand each person’s key points and the outcomes needed for the session.


An invited speaker to participate in the session. The format for each session will be discussed with the speakers and could include:

  • Keynote: A single speaker for 20-30 minutes. Topic should be relevant to African issues and reference lessons or resources that participants can use.
  • Panel: A group of 2-5 speakers, often with a moderator, discussing a topic in a round robin, point by point, or debate format, to be decided in advance.
  • Discussion: A group of 2-5 speakers with one speaker providing a story to which the others then respond.
  • Workshop: A focused session with outcomes to be co-created around a topic and then presented back to the larger group.
  • Class: A training session with learning objectives, outcomes, and specific skills that participants will gain.  Generally includes materials for participants to be able to take away and use in applying those skills when they return to their organization.
  • Lightning talk: Short, 3-5 minute high-energy presentation on a very specific initiative, question, or topic. Detailed instructions provided.