AODC Mission

Open data is new name given to a timeless concept: it is information accessible by anyone. Open data is a growing global resource with potential to grow business, improve quality of government service, and increase innovation in healthcare, education, transportation, agriculture, gender equality. The Africa Open Data Community is a convening space for tech industry, small businesses, journalists, civic tech, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, IT solution providers, banks, telcoms, insurance companies, NGO's, donor organizations, and local and national governments to connect virtually and in person to share advances in open data, share lessons, and form new collaborations.  We seek a transparent, open dialogue and concrete action on common challenges and shared solutions for communities and partners across Africa.

Celebrating Women in Data:

Join an Invigorating lunchtime event celebrating women and girls from townships in Khayelitsha to highrises in New York City sharing their work, successes, and hopes for global data.  Opportunities for network and participation in ongoing communities and future events.

The World Data Forum promises a gathering of elite minds and missions from across the globe to push forward data for global goals that affect each of us.  How can we be sure that those directly affected by policies, partnerships, and statistics are benefiting the people we aim to help the most?  Political leaders, students, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, healthcare workers, and farmers share their work with data, what data they need, what data they have, and what their hopes are for the work coming out of World Data Forum.



There are many ways to collaborate with the AODC community and organizers. You can submit an idea or question using the form below, or visit these online resources to get more involved:

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